FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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The Kuhn Barn
by Erica

There is a barn in the Fermilab village that was constructed between 1896 and 1910. When Fermilab was built, few barns were kept, but one of the barns that was kept is the Kuhn Barn. It was kept because it is right in the middle of the Fermilab village.

The Kuhn Barn wasn't constructed with nails. Instead it was made by fitting wood together or by using wooden spikes.

The Kuhn Barn was named after the Kuhn Family who once used the barn. Mr. Robert D. Kuhn, who once owned the Kuhn Barn, is believed to have retired from farming by the time Fermilab wanted to use the land.

While Wilson Hall was being built, Dr. Robert R. Wilson had an idea to fix the barn up and use it as a meeting place. In April 1970, a meeting of over 300 physicists met in the Kuhn barn to plan the experiments to be done with the accelerator. The following September, famous international scientists came to the Kuhn Barn for a meeting!

The barn is as well used now as it was in the old days. The barn is still used today for dances, parties, day camp, and meetings by the Fermilab employees. It may not have hay and animals anymore, but it is still a beautiful place that has a new use.

Wood peg-joined rafters (upper left) and Kuhn Barn today