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Pioneer Cemetery
by Kim

When we were at the Pioneer Cemetery we did gravestone rubbings. There were about 12 stones. Some of the rubbings were done on tracing paper and with crayons. Others of us used black paper and chalk.

At one time the Pioneer Cemetery was quite a bit larger. There were over 38 grave stones. In 1907, Augie Mier discovered the abandoned cemetery while he was hunting. He noticed that one of the stones belonged to General Thompson Mead.

Miss Ora Mead, who lives in Batavia, is the great, great granddaughter of the general. She said he married Miriam Haight on February 26, 1795. General Thompson Mead had nine children. He lead the 17th regiment of the New York Militia in the War of 1812.

A newer marker has been placed nearby. It reads:

Mar 3 1851
Aged 77 years
GENERAL 17 Regt NY Militia
War of 1812
Feb 26, 1774     March 3, 1851