FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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Lederman Science Center
by Katie

The Science Center is be a place for learning and discovery. It offers programs and shows for school groups and families to attend. It has many classes and institutes for high school teachers and students. Some classes are offered to elementary and junior high school students. The center has many interesting exhibits for families to visit. Outside the Science Center there will be a physics playground with prisms and merry-go-rounds.

The idea for the center was dreamed up by Stanka Jovanovic and Marge Bardeen. They are the president and vice-president of Friends of Fermilab. Many teachers and members of Friends of Fermilab helped come up with new and exciting exhibits for the center. The center was created to improve math and science education for children and adults. The Lederman Science Center stands west of Wilson Hall, the Highrise at Fermilab.

The ground-breaking for the new building was October 6, 1989. Many people attended the day-long ceremonies at Fermilab. The physicists, educators, politicians and visitors attended lectures in the morning and had a picnic-style lunch after the actual ground-breaking in the afternoon. Some of the people who were there were Robert Wilson, Leon Lederman, and John Peoples, the three directors of Fermilab, and Admiral James Watkins, the Secretary of the Department of Energy.

A group of local children got to help with the ground-breaking. A student at Hadley Junior High, Eric Dahl, represented District #41. They got to keep the shovels and hardhats that they used. They got T-shirts, too.

Eric Dahl (center) "digs in" at the Lederman Center groundbreaking ceremony