FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Students' Views

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by Brian and Matt H.

wish to thank everybody who helped us. We especially want to thank Adrienne Kolb, Marjorie Bardeen, Kristin Ciesemier, Stanka Jovanovic, Cindy Rathbun, Diana Smailus, Carol Bollweg, Patti Poole, Mrs. Geise, Mrs. Ann Croning, Evelyn Sieh, Rick Carney, Jennifer and the folks at the DuPage County Recorder's office.

appreciate the contributions of our illustrators, Paul Carmody and Becky DeForest. We are grateful for technical assistance from Tess Hill and Lisa Hatfield, our typist. We thank our principal, Doug Craig, for his support.

This publication would not have been possible without a mini-grant from the Professionalism Task Force of Glen Ellyn School District #41.

But the person who helped, inspired and supported us, Diana Nichol, our sponsor, was the person who helped us make a fantasy into a reality.

Authors and Sponsor Diana Nichol visit the Fermilab Highrise