FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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The Geography of Fermilab (with site map)
by Brian and Matt H.

To start off, Fermilab has about 6,800 acres of land. There are eight entrances, three of which are open to the public. Most of Fermilab is in DuPage County, although some of it is in Kane. The average elevation is 740 feet above sea level. The accelerator is a ring that speeds up protons, then smashes them into a target. It is four miles around and one mile across.

Some of the towns surrounding Fermilab are Winfield, Batavia, and West Chicago. Winfield is northeast of Fermilab, and West Chicago is north. The northern boundary is just north of the Neutrino area. The southern boundary is Butterfield Road. The western boundary is Kirk Road. The eastern boundary is just east of the Fermilab village where people from other countries stay when they come to work at Fermilab.

The pioneer cemetery is an old cemetery with graves form the 1840's. It is west of the experimental area on Batavia and Warrenville Road. The new ScienceCenter will be west of the Highrise. It is a place where kids can go and learn about science at Fermilab. Groundbreaking for the center was October 7,1989. Both of these are places you might want to visit.

Right off the ring is the Highrise. It is building where lot of people have offices. It looks like two buildings coming together that are curved at the bottom and straight at the top. It rises 16 floors up and you can see all of Fermilab from it. On clear days you can even see the Sears Tower! In the same area they do most of the work.

There is a lot of unused property at Fermilab. On the east side there are wetlands. The slough is over here. The slough used to be a swamp until Fermilab drained it. Now it is a beautiful lake called Lee Lake.

On the west side there is also unused property. There is a forest called The Big Woods here. The prairie is inside the ring, and on the west side of the woods north of the new ScienceCenter. The buffalo project is located along Batavia Road and can be seen from the Highrise.