FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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Prairie Trip
by Emma

My dad, sister, and I were going to Fermilab to collect prairie seeds for the harvest.

"Wait, that sign says to turn right to get to Fermi." After passing through the great entrance that resembles a "W," we found ourselves following a long road running through beautiful woods. Not knowing what we should do, or where we were going, we went on a road until we saw a small sign that said "Fermilab Prairie Project." As we drove down that road, we saw prairie plants taller than my dad and very odd shaped.

After we parked along the prairie plants, the guide showed us the plant seeds that we could cut off and how to do it. I noticed that there were people of all ages there. There were one or two kids besides my sister and me. There were also a few middle aged and a lot of elderly ladies. Then, when we began on our second bag and plant, a whole bus load of high school kids pulled in and started to cut and pick seeds.

Just before we left, I had some milk, a muffin, and watched a lady separate the seeds from the branches. She used what looked like a screen and a brush to rub the seeds; she collected them to plant in the future. The seeds fell in something below the screen.

Then as I looked up, I saw about 500 geese flying overhead. I think next year I'll come back. It feels good to be part of the prairie restoration project.