FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Students' Views

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Schools Before Fermilab
by Jami

The Round Grove School was a country school built in the late 1800's. Kids up to eighth grade were taught there. It had only one teacher, 32 students and one room. To get to school you walked from your farm. The school was made out of wood.

The Round Grove School had an outdoor toilet. It had a stove in the middle of the room to heat the school. There were not very many books to use. There were no principals, only one leader of all the schools in the district. The taxes were not as high as they are now. If you wanted a drink of water you had to drink from the same dippers as everybody else. They did have field trips and 15 minute recesses.

The Round Grove School closed in 1949 because there were only four students. Then the children in the area were sent to school in Warrenville.

Round Grove School – 1908