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The Slough (Lake Law)
by Amy

The slough is a pretty place to go and see, if you like that kind of thing. The slough was a mud-filled bog in the old days before Fermilab was built. Now it's a modern wetlands developed by Fermilab called Lake Law.

The original slough was southeast of the present lake and behind the current farm equipment exhibit. It didn't used to come near the road, but now the slough is way up near the sides of the street. The plan was to develop a new wetlands area to encourage wildlife and store rainwater runoff.

There is a lot of wildlife in the slough now, as there always has been from when the slough was "young." There are plants such as cattails, lily pads, and algae, plus wildlife like small fish, snakes, and frogs. Some other animals that live there are raccoons, opossums, birds, and ground squirrels.

One of the best things about the slough is that it is not at all polluted. It's a healthy lake. When the sun shines on it the right way, the slough is bright blue and it glints off the sun. It looks beautiful in the sunset, too.