FERMILAB: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Students' Views

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Our Trip to Fermilab
by Becky

It was a bumpy bus ride to Fermilab. When we got to the Highrise Fermilab building, Wilson Hall, we all got out of the bus. It was so overwhelming that we just looked at the big building for a couple of minutes. Everyone was looking up and some of us were taking pictures. It was too "sacred" to go in.

After a couple of minutes we went into the first floor. There we met Mrs. Adrienne Kolb. She told us a little about Fermilab, and then took us to the 15th floor. We looked out the big picture window facing north and saw a lot of the Experimental Area. A lot of us took pictures. Emma said, "It looks like you're in a helicopter looinng down at Yellowstone Park." Josh said, "It feels like the window is going to fall out." Others said, "It feels like you're a bird flying."

Then we looked at a textured, 3-D contour map of the Fermilab area. It helped us understand how big the lab was. From there we went in a room with mirrors and a model of the accelerator. It was really neat! Then we looked at Mr. August Mier's arrowhead collection. He had a lot of them.

We went down to the library. It wasn't as big as we thought it would be. The books were really scientific. We took a break in the library and wrote in our journals. The we took the stairs back down to the first floor. We ate lunch in the cafeteria where all the physicists eat.

After lunch we looked at the pendulum. It was hung from the 16th floor. A pendulum is a long rope with a heavy ball on the end that moves as the earth turns.

Then we got on a bus and went to the Pioneer Cemetery. There we did crayon rubbings of the graves. We got on the bus again and drove to the old barn. It wasn't as old-fashioned as we thought. It is now a recreation center.

Then we left the barn and walked by the crayola colored houses (Weston) on the way to the slough. There we took a sample of the water. We also found a garter snake! (Well, two actually – we found a dead one.) Then we walked to the display of old farm equipment. (It was kind of boring.) Carol (our bus driver) then picked us up and took us to the county building to get maps and information. Our five hour trip was very worthwhile.