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The Education Office: Contacts

All telephone numbers require "630 840-" when calling from outside Fermilab.

Topic Subtopic Contact E-mail Website Extension
Ask-a-Scientist Registration Lederman Science Center Ask-a-Scientist X8258
Classroom Presentations Educator Requests Andrea Varry Cox Classroom Presentations for Educators X8259
Presenters Susan Dahl Classroom Presentations for Presenters X3094
Education Office Marge Bardeen Education Office X2031
Fermilab Friends for Science Education General Questions Susan Dahl Fermilab Friends for Science Education X3094
Membership Account Questions Susan Dahl FFSE-Membership X3094
Fermilab Prairie Quadrat Study for Public Sue Sheehan Fermilab Prairie Quadrat Study X5058
Field Trip Registration Maureen Hix Field Trips X5588
Follow-up Questions Sue Sheehan X5058
Gift Shop & Online Store Andrea Varry Cox Gift Shop & Online Store X8259
Guided Tours Get-to-Know Tours Lederman Science Center Guided Tours X8258
School/Private Tours Maureen Hix   X5588
I2U2: Interactions in Understanding The Universe General Questions Marge Bardeen I2U2 X2031
  Technology Edit Peronja   X4165
Lederman Science Center Exhibit Maintenance/Building Management Ketevan Akhobadze Lederman Science Center X5226
Quarks to Quasars Exhibition Spencer Pasero Lederman Science Center Exhibits X3076
Visiting Maureen Hix Visit Arrangements X8258
QuarkNet General Information Marge Bardeen QuarkNet X2031
  Cosmic Ray Detector Requests Tom Jordan    
  Cosmic Ray Detector Production/Support Dave Hoppert   X3188
QuarkNet Fermilab/UChicago Center General Information Chris Stoughton QuarkNet Fermilab/UChicago Center X2440
Saturday Morning Physics Suzanne Weber Saturday Morning Physics X3177
Science Adventures General Susan Dahl Science Adventures X3094
Registration Andrea Varry Cox Science Adventures Registration X8259
Scouts Registration Maureen Hix Scouts X8258
Follow-up Questions Sue Sheehan X5058
Special Events Family Open House Maureen Hix Family Open House X8258
Family Outdoor Fair Maureen Hix Family Outdoor Fair X8258
STEM Career Expo Susan Dahl STEM Career Expo X3094
Wonders of Science Maureen Hix Wonders of Science X8258
Summer Internships Summer Internship Contacts
Teacher Resource Center Susan Dahl Teacher Resource Center X3094
Teacher Workshops High school Spencer Pasero Teacher Workshops X3076
K-8 physical science Spencer Pasero   X3076
K-8 Life Sciences Sue Sheehan   X5058
Registration Maureen Hix Registration Form X8258
Website Liz Quigg Education Office Website X2631