The 2016 Undergraduate Lecture Series

All talks are at Noon

Tuesday June 7One West Nigel Lockyer, Fermilab's DirectorIntroduction to Fermilab
Thursday June 9One West Eric PrebysAccelerator Physics
Tuesday June 14Auditorium Harrison Prosper
Florida State University
Particle Physics
Thursday June 16IARC Andre de Gouvea
Northwestern University
Tuesday June 21One West Erik RambergThe Science of Particle Detectors
Thursday June 23One West Linda R ValerioMechanical Engineering of Accelerators
Tuesday June 28One West Don LincolnParticle Physics at CMS
Thursday June 30One West Gustavo CanceloThe Engineering of Particle Detectors
Tuesday July 5One West Mark Pankuch
Central DuPage Hospital
Cancer Treatment with Particle Beams
Thursday July 7One West Oliver GutscheScientific Computing at Fermilab
Tuesday July 12One West Hugh LippincottDark Matter
Thursday July 14One West Jim AnnisGravitational Waves
Tuesday July 19Auditorium Bryan Ramson
University of Michigan
Measuring Proton Structure: SeaQuest
Tuesday July 26One West Keith MateraNeutrino Mass Ordering
Tuesday August 2Auditorium Brian NordWarped Space and Gravitational Lensing

Fermilab interns, employees, users and guests are invited to attend.
Some talks may be better if you have a basic understanding of calculus.
Feel free to bring your lunch!

Photos taken during these lectures can be seen on the Fermilab SIST Facebook page.

updated by ESM 19 May 2016