Undergraduate Lecture Series
2014 Tentative Schedule

All talks are at Noon in Wilson Hall One West (except as noted)

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5/22/2014Thursday Elliott McCroryAD/FermilabLecture Series Overview
12:30 PM in Curia II (WH2W)
5/27/2014Tuesday Herman WhitePPD/FermilabIntro to Fermilab
6/3/2014Tuesday Harrison ProsperFlorida State UniversityIntro to Particle Physics
6/10/2014Tuesday Maurice BallAD/FermilabMechanical Engineering
6/12/2014Thursday Eric PrebysAPC/FermilabAccelerators
6/17/2014Tuesday Mary ConveryAD/FermilabMuon Campus
6/24/2014Tuesday André de GouvêaNorthwestern UniversityIntensity Frontier
6/26/2014Thursday James HoffPPD/FermilabElectrical Enginnering
7/1/2014Tuesday Mark PankuchCentral DuPage HospitalCancer Therapy
7/8/2014Tuesday Don LincolnPPD/FermilabEnergy Frontier & LHC
7/15/2014Tuesday Hugh LippincottPPD/FermilabCosmic Frontier: Dark Matter in CDF Big Room
7/22/2014Tuesday Brian NordPPD/FermilabCosmic Frontier: Dark Energy
7/29/2014Tuesday Amitoj SinghSCD/FermilabComputing @ Fermilab
7/31/2014Thursday Jin-Yuan WuPPD/FermilabRotations: the Moon, MRI, g-2, etc.
8/5/2014Tuesday Tia MiceliNew Mexico State University, MicroBooNEThe Physics of Neutrinos

Fermilab interns, employees, users and guests are invited to attend.
Some talks may be better if you have a basic understanding of calculus.
Feel free to bring your lunch!

Download a copy of our beautiful poster for this series and
post it in your area. Photo by Ruben Carcagno..

Photos taken during these lectures can be seen on the Fermilab SIST Facebook page.

Links to the talks will be posted as they become available.
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