Mentors: Your Intern's Program Requirements

The majority of your intern's time is spent in the lab or workplace with you, but there are program-centered assignments and responsibilities that need to be completed. Look at your intern's deliverables and assignments throughout the summer so you can help them meet their deadlines and take advantage of the opportunities to attend lectures and tours and interact with other physicists and interns. The following describes the main deliverables, meetings and tours. Look under the submenus on the left for the calendar and deliverables/assignments associated with your intern's program.

Intern Deliverables

Depending on the program, interns may have to write an abstract, paper and/or presentation. Please help your students make their deadlines with these.

  • Abstract: All students will prepare and submit an abstract. For DOE-funded students abstracts may be published in the Journal of Undergraduate Research, so it must be edited by the education office.
  • Research Paper: All DOE students are required to prepare a research paper following the Guidelines provided by the Office of Science Program Guidebook. You must e-mail LaMargo Gill ( in the Education Office that you approve the scientific content of your intern's abstract and paper. After that students can send both of these to LaMargo Gill for editing. Papers are optional for other programs.
  • All interns are required to give an oral presentation to their mentors and peers at the end of the program.

Meetings and Tours

The following events are scheduled for all interns:

  • Lunch Lecture Series: Interns are required to attend the Tuesday Lunch Lecture Series.
  • Meetings with Program Managers (SIST,SULI and IPM meet Wednesdays, 2-3:30 P.M.); check program calendars for other meeting dates.
  • Friday tours usually start between 11:00 A.M and 2:00 P.M.; students can look at the Tour Schedule to sign up.

Internship Work Plan: This is a short form to be completed and signed by the student and mentor and returned to the program administrator. See Contacts.