Helen Edwards Internship: Application

Criteria for Applying

You must satisfy these criteria to be considered for the program

  • Be currently enrolled at an accredited university/college in Europe and major in Physics or Engineering. Specialization in Accelerator Physics and Technology is preferred.
  • Must have finished at least one full year at the university/college at the time of application
  • A minimum of 4.0 Grade Point Average (in 2-5 grading system)
  • At least 18 years of age by the program start date
  • Conversational and written English fluency
Application Process

Please note that no sensitive personal information may be sent over email! Such information includes address, date of birth, etc. Deviation from this rule may result in withdrawal from the program.

All communication should be in English. Do not use non-ASCII characters in the Application Form or elsewhere. There were occasions when the Fermilab spam filter removed emails with the sender's name in Cyrillic characters.

To be considered for participation in the program, all information from the list below must be submitted by the due date.

  • Application Form through AcademicJobsOnline. The goal of the application is to demonstrate your qualifications and interest in science and research.
  • University Course List With Grades. The Course Lists should be uploaded to the application web site. The Course Lists should not contain any sensitive information.
  • Letters of Recommendation. Two references must submit letters of recommendation for you. They will receive a link to the site where the letters can be submitted. We prefer to see letters from your internship mentors or university professors.
  • Your Essay. This is specified on the application form.
We have prepared some tips that might be helpful when preparing your application. Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning the application process.

  • Deadline for submitting all required documents is January, 8 2018
  • We will inform you of the application status by February, 28 2018
After Preliminary Selection
  • After initial consideration the selected candidates will need to pass an interview with an internship committee member. Technically the interviews will be organized either in person or via a web-cam. More details on this subject and some tips are provided here.
  • The selected students will receive offer letters from Fermilab, and upon acceptance of the offer, a visa questionnaire. Delay with responding to each letter by more than one week may result in withdrawal from the program.