QuarkNet Summer Research for High School Students
Applications Open: March 1 - March 31st

  • Program Description

    What are neutrinos telling us?
    Are there extra dimensions of space?
    What happened to the antimatter?

    High school students living in the Fermilab area work full-time with scientists and engineers who advance our understanding of the nature of matter and energy. QuarkNet offers summer research opportunities in science and technology for students who have demonstrated a strong interest in and aptitude for science and mathematics. Students work with scientists for six weeks on projects related to the Fermilab research program.

    Research Topics:

    • Direct detection of dark matter using the COUPP bubble chamber
    • Building 3D electronic circuits to trigger events at the LHC
    • Making neutrino detectors more sensitive
    • Using interferometers to measure holographic noise
    • Developing software for imaging spectroscopic cameras
    • Building better accelerators
    • Using astronomical surveys to study dark energy and dark matter
    • Looking for particles at the LHC

    Read about research projects from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

    Students receive a wage of $8.50 an hour for 37.5 hours of work per week. Standard U.S. taxes are withheld, as is customary with all Fermilab employees. Students receive no paid sick leave or vacations.

  • Eligibility

    • High school students in 10-12th grade when applying. We strongly prefer 11th graders with hands-on experience, such as programming computers or working with mechanical or electrical systems. (Must live in Fermilab area.)
    • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status required
    • Participants must provide evidence of identity and eligibility to work in the U.S.
    • Participants under the age of 16 must have work authorization papers obtained through their school and written parental permission.
    • Participants must have medical insurance while at Fermilab.

    Key Dates

    Applications open March 1st.

    Check Key Dates and the QuarkNet Calendar.

  • Expectations

    • Complete the full six-week program, attending each work day.
    • Complete all Fermilab safety and computing requirements.
    • Work safely in a responsible and professional manner.
    • Attend all scheduled events including lectures, tours and group activities.


    • Complete entrance and exit surveys.
    • Submit a team research abstract in the required format.
    • Give a final presentation to Fermilab scientists and peers.