SIST: Program Requirements

Complete the full twelve-week program and attend all scheduled events including lectures, tours and group activities.

Paper and Oral Presentation:

Prepare and present oral and written reports at the end of the session. (The reports will be published on the web.)

You may want to read:

Summer Interns website:

Enter/update your information on the Summer Interns website. This includes at a minimum a:

  • 3-4 sentence bio (Who I am) with information about yourself that might interest others.
  • 3-4 sentence description of your research.

You will receive an e-mail with the link to complete this. The e-mail usually goes to the e-mail account on your application with the subject "IMPORTANT-Website for Summer Interns" or "Final Entry for Website for Summer Interns" and must be accessed when you are on the Fermilab site. If you have a problem accessing this, please contact Liz Quigg.