VFP: Your First Day


Monday after Arrival8:00 AMMeet Tanja.Wilson Hall 15th Floor Theatre
 8:00 AM - 12:00 PMOrientationTo be announced
 12:00 - 1:00 PMLunchCafeteria - on your own
 1:00 PMSafety TrainingTo be announced
 4:30 PMMeet with Fermilab Colleague.Wilson Hall, 2nd Floor Crossover


You will need to bring to your orientation:

  • one of the documents listed under the I-9. You must bring EITHER one List A document, or BOTH a List B and List C document. You need not bring a document from all three lists. Permanent Residents must bring their green cards.
  • a canceled check to set up your direct deposit.

You will also be provided with additional forms to fill out.

Summer Program Committee:

Staff MemberRolePhoneOfficeE-mail
Marge BardeenManager630-840-2031Wilson Hall 15Wmbardeen@fnal.gov
Tanja WaltripAdministrator630-840-3929Wilson Hall 15Wtwaltrip@fnal.gov