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Programs: Beauty and Charm at Fermilab

Description: How do you study something too small to see? Beauty and Charm is both an exploratory physical science program including a Fermilab field trip for midlevel students and a professional development workshop for teachers. Beauty and Charm at Fermilab includes an instructional unit, a teacher workshop and a field trip. It is an engaging, exciting unit of study for grades 6-9 that culminates in a field trip to Fermilab. The unit is aligned with the National Science Education Standards and the Illinois Learning Standards, and features themes such as "Methods of Science," "Seeing the Unseen," and the "Human Element" of science. Teachers attend a five-day workshop in which they have the opportunity to learn by doing several of the activities in the unit. The workshop instructors provide ideas for teaching the unit and suggestions for supplementary materials. These activities will help your students gain a better understanding of how they can learn about things that can't be seen, and expose them to the world of particle physics. After attending the workshop and teaching the unit, participants may bring their students to Fermilab for a field trip to the Lederman Science Center and a special guided tour of Wilson Hall, the Linear Accelerator building and the Main Control Room. Each field trip also includes a question-and-answer session with a Fermilab scientist.

  • Spencer Pasero
    Fermilab, MS 226, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510-0500
    (630) 840-3076,

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