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Programs: Phriendly Physics

Description: Phriendly Physics is a physical science program including field trips to the Lederman Science Center for elementary students and a professional development program for teachers. Phriendly Physics includes a collection of classroom activities, teacher workshops and field trips. It helps K-5 teachers understand and feel comfortable with concepts of physical sciences through facilitated exploration of a series of simple, open-ended experiments, and through discussion and reflection with a master elementary school teacher and Fermilab scientists. Through this process participants gain a deeper understanding both of the physics concepts and of new approaches in teaching and learning using the scientific method and scientific journaling. Participants also receive equipment and supplies so they can continue to explore these concepts with their students. Topics and themes are aligned with Project 2061, the National Science Education Standards and the Illinois Learning Standards. The five-day workshop introduces participants to topics commonly taught in K–5 classrooms. After taking a workshop, teachers may schedule one or more of the four available Phriendly Physics field trips—electricity & magnetism, light, heat, and mechanics—at Fermilab. Phriendly Physics is also part of Benedictine University's M.S. in Science Content and Process degree program. The degree program provides K-9 teachers and other science educators integrated content knowledge in general science utilizing the resources of the local scientific community. This program is intended for those teachers who want to increase their science knowledge and confidence in science teaching. It also addresses content and pedagogy expectations of the upcoming NGSS. See for more information or contact Allison Wilson at

  • Spencer Pasero
    Fermilab, MS 226, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510-0500
    (630) 840-3076,

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