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Programs: Particles and Prairies

Description: Particles and Prairies field-studies program for midlevel students is based on the Particles and Prairies instructional unit developed by teachers. Teachers attend a workshop to study Fermilab field study sites, pertinent background information, and student and teacher materials. Topics and themes are aligned with the National Science Education Standards and the Illinois Learning Standards. After incorporating the activities into their curriculum, teachers may schedule free field trips at Fermilab where students become scientists by doing research that provides meaningful data for researchers and by collaborating with students from other schools in ongoing research. Teachers may purchase a kit of curriculum-related materials. The instructional materials include a DVD covering prairie history, restoration, ecology and its use as a research site. An online component, SIMply Prairie, presents the prairie study as an engaged learning project. Students ask a research question based on prairie flora and design and conduct a study by following the online guidance.

  • Sue Sheehan, Education
    Fermilab, MS 777, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510-0500
    (630) 840-5058,

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