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More Information on Programs For Boy Scouts, Webelos and Girl Scouts

Included is a list of possible activities during each session.

Boy Scout Sessions

Nuclear Science

Prerequisites should be completed before arriving at Fermilab for the session - Read through the Merit Badge Series booklet Nuclear Science. Complete questions #2a, 7, and 8 on the Worksheet on the US Scouts page.

  • Discuss radiation and use a Geiger counter to detect radiation.
  • Discuss particle accelerators and where they are located.
  • Build an electroscope.
  • Discuss nuclear energy.
  • Discuss how nuclear reactors work and where they are located.
  • Observe a cloud chamber.
  • Model a chain reaction.
  • Discuss the standard model.

Fermilab Tour

One requirement of the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge is visiting a federal facility.

  • Tour of Wilson Hall 1st and 15th floors and Linac gallery



  • Discuss different types of engineers and what they do.
  • Examine blueprints. Construct blueprint of a house.
  • Measure the perimeter of a building. Determine if it will fit in a given area.
  • Build a bridge. Test how much weight it can hold.
  • Build a pulley system and test it OR build a catapult and test it.
  • Construct electrical circuits.
  • Test chemical reactions on different materials.

Into the Woods

  • Identify different types of trees and the parts of a tree.
  • Identify 6 trees common to Northern Illinois and if they are native to the area. Discuss their uses for both human and wildlife.
  • Visit a woodland area at Fermilab.
  • Plant an acorn seed to take home. Discuss how to take care of it. Discuss the value of oak trees.
  • Discuss items in your home that are made of wood.
  • Examine the growth rings of a tree trunk. Discuss the purpose of tree bark.
  • Make bark rubbings.

Junior Girl Scout Sessions

Science Sleuth

  • Examine fingerprint characteristics.
  • Conduct hair analysis.
  • Make polymers. Observe property changes as ingredients are added.
  • Detect properties of various paper towels.
  • Observe the spectrum of different elements.

Exploring Science

  • Test and examine rocks.
  • Discover characteristics of polymers.
  • Design Cartesian divers.
  • Determine quality of pond water.
  • Experiment with bases and acids.
  • Explore various habitats.

Explore Engineering

  • Discuss different types of engineers and what they do.
  • Discover the workings of consumer products by disassembling.
  • Build bridges and test their strength.
  • Build a kaleidoscope or other mechanical device.
  • Build electrical circuits using circuit boards.

Sky Search

  • Use a Star Finder to discover stars that shine on their birthdays.
  • Use a Star Clock to tell time.
  • Find their address in the Universe.
  • Learn to use a Galileo telescope.