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The Education Office: Phriendly Physics Program

Phriendly Physics (K–5)
Phriendly Physics is a Next Generation Science Standards-infused physical science program including field trips to the Lederman Science Center for elementary students and a professional development program for teachers. Phriendly Physics is also part of Benedictine University's M.S. in Science Content and Process degree program.
About the Teacher Workshop

The workshop helps K–5 teachers understand and feel comfortable with concepts of physical sciences through facilitated exploration of a series of simple, open-ended experiments, and through discussion and reflection with a master elementary school teacher and Fermilab scientists. Through this process participants gain a deeper understanding both of the physics concepts and of new approaches in teaching and learning using the scientific method and scientific journaling. Participants also receive equipment and supplies so they can continue to explore these concepts with their students.

"The instructor modeled ways to encourage flexible thinking among students and ways to deepen and enrich the way I teach science."

"I really enjoyed the discussion on the Next Generation Science Standards and the instructor's focus on implementing them."

In the Classroom

Phriendly Physics focuses on the classroom. Participants not only learn concepts, but also start to think like scientists. All of the activities from the workshop can be done in the classroom, many with inexpensive and/or household materials. The most important thing participants will do is learn how to help students frame and explore their own questions, just like real scientists.

About the Field Trip (Grades 1–5 only)

Teachers may schedule one or more of the four available Phriendly Physics field trips—electricity & magnetism, light, heat, and mechanics—at Fermilab. Each of the field trips features special activities at the Lederman Science Center. The field trips can kick off a unit of study with exciting activities that will serve as focal points for the exploration of a topic. Use the Field Trip Request Form.

Teacher Workshop 2017
Date:July 16–20, 2018 - Register
Time:8:00 AM–3:30 PM
Graduate Credit:2 semester hours graduate credit
ISBE recertification: 32.5 PDHs (non-credit)

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