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The advent of the 21st Century promises an exciting ascent into the future. As Fermilab discovers the top quark and stands on the brink of establishing answers to some of the most elusive questions in our universe, we pause to look back on a time not so very long ago. Rediscovering the majesty of the prairie throuigh observation of Fermilab's prairie reconstruction is made possible through Particles and Prairies: The Fermilab Prairie Savannah.

The goal of this collaborative project between teachers and scientists is to provide midlevel students with the opportunity to be scientists. Gathering data and making observations will increase students' knowledge and appreciation of the prairie while providing vital data. This data, in turn, will help the ongoing prairie restoration project at Fermilab.

The hands-on, interactive focus of this instructional unit is designed to enlighten a future generation to this fragile, beautiful world. In so doing, we want to accentuate the student's responsibility to maintain what remains or has been restored of our forefathers' prairie.

The Particles and Prairies: The Fermilab Prairie teachers guide was written and edited by six teachers. A classroom kit including the teachers guide may be purchased from Fermilab.

A Particles and Prairies field trip to Fermilab provides students a close, hands-on look at the abiotic and biotic aspects of the prairie, the savannah and the aquatic environments of Fermilab. Teachers must attend a workshop in order to schedule field trips for their students to do both lab and field studies at Fermilab.

We have prepared this sampler (827 kB) to give educators a preview of the unit. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.)