Best Practice High School


Physics and Algebra Coordination


The Fermilab team from Best Practice High School has attempted to integrate the first year algebra subject matter with topics taught in freshmen physics. Creating a lab-based algebra program that will work cooperatively with the physics class can support the students learning by introducing the topics in both classes at the same time frame increases in complexity but will continuously include the following three topics.

  1. Measurement - emphasis in the SI, Rates & Conversions

  2. Data Collection - w/o Clarisworks Spreadsheet

  3. Graphing - w/o Clarisworks Graphs & Graphical Analysis, Interpolation, Extrapolation

In addition, during the course of the year the following concepts will be taught to support the physics program.

  1. Problem Solving
      - ability to select appropriate formula from given data and solve that equation
      - describe a problem verbally and brainstorm a methodology to solve the problem
      - reasonableness and estimation of solution

  2. Basic Statistics
      - mean, mode, median, average, percent, significant digits,
      - scientific notation, powers of ten

  3. Methodology of Solving Formulas
      - Order of operations
      - Manipulation

  4. Collecting original data, graphing the information

  5. Ratio and Proportion
      - direct, inverse, indirect to the square, direct to the square
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