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Student Outcomes

  This physics program will help to meet the following students outcomes:

  1. Explain conversions of matter and energy flow in physical changes
  2. Show examples of mass and energy conservation in physical, changes
  3. Analyze changes in atoms in physical, and nuclear contexts.
  4. Evaluate limitations in amount and use of energy and other natural resources and the importance of conservation and recycling.
  5. Recognize discordant observations, state problems, generate and carry out appropriate lines of inquiry, and arrange information in meaningful ways.
  6. Analyze scientific problems and employ mathematical operations to their solutions when appropriate.
  7. Safely use a variety of scientific instrumentation, including digital technology, to collect and analyze appropriate information in physical contexts.
  8. Use a variety of valid information sources to evaluate options and make informed decisions in matters of scientific
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Last Update: August 24, 2001