Glenbard North High School

ISciS 1 (Integrated Science Sequence - Year 1/Freshmen)

The first year of a three-year science sequence which integrates the physical sciences, biology, chemistry, and earth/space sciences. Through this integration, students will become engaged in learning science principles and the processes of science through real world applications of science. Thinking and problem solving skills, measurement and experimental design,  class and individual projects will be emphasized. Students are expected to make a three year committment to the program.  ISciS 1,2, and 3 is an alternative sequence to the traditional sequence of IPS, Biology, and Chemistry.  Upon completion of the three year sequence, students will be prepared to take Physics and other advanced science courses.

Prerequisite: Algebra I, part 1 or higher math

Program Contact: John Chamberlain
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Last Update: August 24, 2001