Glenbard North High School

ISciS Three-Year Summary

ISciS is a 3 year program of integrated science that includes physical science, chemistry, biology, and earth and space science. The curriculum is based upon the national and state standards in science.  In the following outline, the letter abbreviations P, C, B, and E will be used to stand for these areas.   Each semester will have a culminating project that drives the work of that semester.

YEAR 1 - ISciS I

SEMESTER 1: How do you measure up?
Metric System (P,C,B,E)
Volume (P,C,B,E)
Mass (P,C,B,E)
Characteristic Properties (P,C,)
Separation of Mixtures (P,C,E)
Graphing (P,C,B,E)
Topographic Maps (E)
The Water Cycle (E,B)

PROJECT: The SLUDGE TEST with Water Pollution Computer Simulation

Quarter 3: Get Energized

Respiration and Photosynthesis (C,B)
Formulas and Equations (C,B,E)
Energy associated with Equations (C,B,E)
Types of Energy (P,C,E)
Speaker: Commonwealth Edison

PROJECT: Solar House
Energy Usage Pro's and Con's Research Project

Quarter 4: Down in the Dumps

Ecosystems (B)
Nitrogen Fixing/cycle (C,B,E)
Water Analysis and Contamination (C,E)
Recycling (B,E)

Field Trip: Visit the Carol Stream Recycling Center
Visit Mallard Lake Landfill

PROJECT: Local Environmental Problem selected by Class
World Ecological Problem Symposium

  YEAR 2 -ISciS II

Semester 1: Let’s Weather the Storm

Gas Laws (P,C,E)
Weather (P,B,E)
Seasons (P,B,E)
Earthquakes and Volcanos (P,B,E)
Plate Tectonics (E)
Planets (E)

PROJECT: Weather Report

Field Trip: Planetarium

Semester 2: Let's All Bond This Semester

Model of the Atom (I,C)
Types of Matter (I,C,E)
Moles (C)
Stoichiometry (C)
Rates of Reactions (C,B,E)
Bonding (C,B)
Cellular Processes (C,B)
Astronomy (E)
Elements in the Universe (C,B,E)

Project: Celestial Observations

Field Trip: Amoco

  Year 3 -ISciS III

Semester 1: Who Dunnit?

Crime Unit
Cells (B)
Solution Behavior (B,C,E)
Acid-Base (B,C,E)
Police and Forensic Visit

Project: Murder Mystery

Genetics (B)
Statistics (B)

Project: Fruit Flies

Semester 2: Are You a Monkey’s Uncle??

Evolution (B,E)
Radioactive Dating (C,B,E)
Nuclear Chemistry (C)
Classification Schemes (B,C,E)
Big Bang Theory (C,E)
Geologic Time (B,E)

Project: PAX Nuclear Reactor

Field Trip: Natural History Museum


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