Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1 Theme - Mother Earth

II. Plant/Prairie Unit (Botany)

A. Observation in nature

  1. Activity: "Did you see that?"
  2. Activity: "Reading the prairie landscape"
B. Plant structure
  1. KWL: Plant structure
  2. Activity: "Let's talk about plants"
  3. Activity: "Recognizing vascular & nonvascular plants"
  4. Demo: Cohesion, adhesion, and capillary action (handout)
  5. Demo: Annual rings (handout)
C. Transpiration
  1. Demo: Transpiration
  2. Lab: "What is the effect of light intensity on transpiration?" (GB, p. 167)
D. Photosynthesis
  1. Lecture: Conceptual photosynthesis
  2. Investigation 5: "From sunlight to substance" (SL, p. 1.26)
  3. Investigation/Demo: "Light & oxygen production" (SI, pp. 252-253)
  4. Lab 13: "Analyzing plant pigments with chromatography" (SI Lab, Ch. 8)
E. Classification in nature
  1. Investigation: "Using and formulating a dichotomous key" (MB-HRW, pp. 354-355)
  2. Activity: "Using a dichotomous key" (handout)
  3. Activity: "Classification of prairie plants" (handout)
F. Performance assessment: Plant portfolio
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