Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1 Theme - Mother Earth

IV. Cellular Structure Unit (What is a cell?)

A. Using a microscope

  1. Lab 8-1: "Use of a light microscope" ( , p. 47)
  2. Lab 8-2: "How can a microscope be used in the lab? ( , p. 51)
B. Understanding the cell
  1. Lecture: History of cell research
  2. Lecture: Cell theory
C. Classification by kingdoms
  1. Reading: "It's classified" (SL, p. 1.14)
  2. Activity: Microslides
  3. Lab: "Identifying cells based on the kingdoms of life" (handout)
  4. Group Activity: Cell models
D. Structure of cells
  1. Reading: "Cells: Basic unit of life" (HOGSA, Lesson 19, p. 221)
  2. Activity: "Hanging out with cell models" (HOGSA, Lesson 19)
E. Types of organelles
  1. Lecture: Basic functions
  2. Activity: "Cell trek" game (HOGSA, Lesson 19)
  3. Lab: "Structure of living cells" (SFB, pp. 21-23)
F. Performance assessment: Identify types of cells (unknowns)
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