Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1 Theme - Mother Earth

V. Chemical Structure Unit

A. Classification of matter (elements, compounds, and mixtures)

  1. Demos: Elements, compounds, and mixtures
  2. Reading: "Chemicals 'R' Us" (SL, p. 1.24)
  3. Activity 1-7: "Matter as a mixture" (ESCAK, p. 9)
  4. Activity 1-8: "Another look at a mixture" (ESCAK, p. 10)
  5. Activity 1-9: "Matter as a compound" (ESCAK, p. 11)
B. Properties of matter
  1. Lecture: Phases of matter
  2. Demos: Chemical and physical properties and changes
C. Structure of matter (atoms and molecules)
  1. Lecture: Protons, electrons, and neutrons
  2. Lecture and worksheets: Atomic number and mass with Periodic Table
  3. Activity: Atom Mobile
D. Periodic Table
  1. Lecture: Metals, nonmetals, and metalloids
  2. Lecture: Groups, families, and periods
E. Chemical bonding and energy
  1. Lecture: Ionic & covalent bonds via octet rule
  2. Activity: Chemical bonding (handout)
  3. Demo: Bond energy (water, copper sulfate)
F. Chemical formulas
  1. Lewis dot structures
  2. Worksheet: "Writing chemical formulas" (Flinn Scientific)
  3. Lab: "Molecular models" (handout)
G. Performance assessment: Chemical analysis of an unknown
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