Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1 Theme - Mother Earth

VI. Static Electricity Unit

A. Production of charge

  1. Lecture: Friction, conduction, induction, and fields
  2. Activity: "Electrostatics" (HOPA, pp. 538-563)
  3. Lab 44: "Static charges" (IP, pp. 139-142)
  4. Lab: "We're going to charge you up" (handout)
D. Distribution of charge
  1. Lecture: Conductors, insulators, and grounding
  2. Investigation 1: "What is static electricity?" (SL, p. 4.2)
C. Storing charge
  1. Activity: Static electricity demos (Electrostatics continued)
  2. Video: Lightning
D. Performance assessment: Lab practical - charging objects

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