Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1 Theme - Mother Earth

VII. Soil Formation Unit (SI, Ch. 9)

A. Weathering

  1. Activity: "Breaking up is easy to do" (HOGSA, p. 22)
  2. Demo: Salt block
  3. Demo: Rock oxidation
B. Controls on soil formation
  1. Minilab: "Do earthworms cause soil mixing?" (SI, p. 273)
  2. Lab-Aids #: "How soil is formed"
C. Soil characteristics
  1. Minilab: "Is this soil?" (SI, p. 263)
  2. Investigation: "Documenting the variability of soils" (SI, p. 276)
D. Soil productivity/Nutrient content
  1. Lab l5: "living sotl" (SILab, p. 65)
  2. Lab-Aids #32: "Biology and chemistry of soil"
  3. Activity: Soil conservation (handout)
E. Performance assessment: "Recipe for soil" (SI, p. 288)
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