Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 1 Theme - Mother Earth

VIII. Resources Unit (SI, Chs. 11-12)

A. Nonrenewable and renewable resources

  1. Minilab: "What natural resources are used in cars?" (SI, p. 329)
  2. Investigation: "Replenishing the soil" (SI, p. 336)
  3. Lab 18: "Collecting energy from the sun" (SI Lab)
  4. Lab 19: "Wind power" (SI Lab)
B. Recyclable and reusable resources
  1. Activity: "Surface miring" (ESAK, p. 3)
  2. Activity: "Energy alternatives" (ESAK, p. 238)
C. Formation of resources
  1. Minerals
    1. Activities: Hardness, streak, luster, specific gravity (ESCAK, pp. 46-49)
    2. Lab: "Minerals VideoLab" (from Scott Resources)
    3. Activity: "Find the mystery mineral" (ESCAK, p. 50)
    4. Lab: "Growing crystals" (Knox workshop)
    5. Investigation: "How does cooling time affect crystal size?" (SI, p. 360)
  2. Types of rock
    1. Minilab: "What parts of cars are made from rocks?" (SI, p. 357)
    2. Activity: "Igneous rock observation" (ESCAK, p. 68)
    3. Minilab: "Classifying intrusive and extrusive rocks" (SI, p. 363)
    4. Activity: "Sedimentary rock observation" (ESCAK, p. 66)
    5. Minilab: "Identifying chemical & clastic sedimentary rocks" (SI, p. 370)
    6. Lab 20: "Sedimentary processes" (SI Lab)
    7. Activity: "Metamorphic rock observation" (ESCAK, p. 70)
  3. Rock cycle
  4. Activity: "Determining the density of rock" (ESCAK, p. 72)
  5. Lab: "Rock VideoLab" (from Scott Resources)
D. Performance assessment: Connections - Rock cycle, minerals, & soil
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