Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 2: Theme - Fantastic Voyages

I. Scientific Method Unit (SI, Intro.)

A. Science as a process

  1. Lab 2-1: "Can scientific methods be used to solve a problem?" (GB, pp. 5-8)
  2. Activity "Mousetrap maze"
B. Measurement and graphing in science
  1. Activity: "How high did it go?" - rocket launch (handout)
  2. Activity: "Hoop graph" (handout)
C. Scientific literacy
  1. Activity: "Endangered species 1 & 2 - What's happening?" (ESAK, pp. 70-85)
  2. Project: Current events project (quarterly)
D. Performance assessment: Design your own experiment (requiring graphing)
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