Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 2: Theme - Fantastic Voyages

IV. Cellular Processes Unit (function of organelles)

A. Structure and function of cells & organelles

  1. Lecture: Review of mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, Golgi bodies, Isosomes, and cell membranes
  2. Activity: "Cell trek" game (from year one)
B. Cell Processes
  1. Lecture: Passive and active transport
  2. Activity "Cell membrane simulation" (GB, p. 204)
  3. Activity: "Examine the rate of diffusion" (GB, p. 159)
  4. Lab: "Turgor pressure in potato slices" (MB-HRW, p. 99)
  5. Lab: "An Eggsperiment with X" (handout)
C. Energy in the Cell
  1. Lecture: ATP production
  2. Photosynthesis (SI, Ch. 8)
    1. Minilab: "How are a factory & green plants similar?" (SI, p. 237)
    2. Minilab: "Take a deep breath" (SI, p. 239)
    3. Lab 14: "Reactants and products of photosynthesis" (SI Lab, p. 61)
    4. Activity: "Calvin cycle" (MB-HRW, p.117)
  3. Cellular respiration
    1. Lab 9-1: "How does the concentration of sugar affect . . . ?" (GB, p. 61)
    2. Activity: "Kreb's cyde"
D. Mitosis
  1. Activity: Microslides (handout)
  2. Activity "Observing mitosis in plant cells" (MB-HRW, p. 160)
  3. Activity: "Where is mitosis most common?" (GB, p. 220)
E. Performance assessment: Poster - Cell processes web
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