Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 2: Theme - Fantastic Voyages

V. Petroleum Chemistry Unit

A. Formation and migration

  1. Minilab: "How does petroleum form?" (SI, p. 385)
  2. Minilab: "A model hydrocarbon trap" (SI, p. 389)
  3. Investigation: "What controls porosity?" (SI, p. 392)
  4. Minilab: "Permeability - Go with the flow" (SI, p. 394)
  5. Activity: "Bio-Gas" (ESAK, p. )
  6. Lab: "Changing the form of fuel" (SI, p. 660)
B. Exploration and recovery
  1. Investigation: "Wave speed" (SI, p. 398)
  2. Activity: "Oil Spill!" (ESCAK, p. )
  3. Lab: "Clean up oil spills with oil-hungry bacteria" (NeoSci)
  4. Lab: "The Chemistry of Petroleum" (Flinn Scientific)
C. Composition and use
  1. Minilab: "A burning question" (SI, p. 405)
  2. Exercise: "Applying technology - 'Sun-ffcient'" (SI, p. 408)
D. Performance assessment:
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