Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 2: Theme - Fantastic Voyages

VI. Water Unit

A. Water resources

  1. Lecture: Surface vs. ground water
  2. Activity: "Water we going to do?" - water conservation" (ESAK, pp. 107-117)
  3. Activity "Permeability" (MES-HRW, p. 262)
  4. Activity: "Porosity" (MES-HRW, pp. 274-275)
B. Water pollution
  1. Lecture: Kinds of pollutants
  2. Activity: "Onion Conundrum" (ES-HRW, pp. 28-29)
  3. Lab: "Chemical pollution in water (Flinn ChemFax)
  4. Activity: "Water ecology" (HHCH)
C. Water analysis & treatment
  1. Activity: "Water treatment" (ESAK, pp. 99-106)
  2. Lab #30: "Water treatment activity model" (NeoSci)
  3. Field trip: Water treatment plant
D. Performance assessment:
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