Galva High School and Stark County High School

Integrated Science Curriculum

Year 3: Theme - Grand Designs

IV. Electromagnetism Unit

A. Electric circuits

  1. Minilab: "How is electricity used in your home or school?" (SI, p. 567)
  2. Investigation: "Batteries and light bulbs" (SI, p. 570)
  3. Minilab: "Who's got the power?" (SI, p. 576)
B. Ohm's Law
  1. Lab: "Ohm's Law"
  2. Minilab: "How do fuses work?" (SI, p. 581)
  3. Investigation: "Current charges" (SI, p. 582)
C. Series & parallel circuits
  1. Minilab: "How can two lamps be lit independently?" (SI, p. )
  2. Thinking lab: "How can you control one light with two switches?" (SI, p. 587)
  3. Applying technology: "Designing electrical circuits" (SI, p. 588)
D. Magnetism
  1. Demo: Magnets & iron filings
E. Electromagnetism
  1. Lab: "Constructing an electromagnet"
F. Electromagnetic induction
  1. Lab: Oersted & Faraday
  2. Activity: "Make a MagLev Train" (
G. Generators & motors

H. AC circuits

I. Performance assessment:

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