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Data-based Investigations that Support NGSS

Scientists construct information and knowledge of our surroundings through interpretation of experimental results. Your students can do the same. We have created several student investigations that use data and support the Next Generation Science Standards. These data-based investigations help your students:
  • Ask Questions and Define Problems
  • Develop and Use Models
  • Plan and Carry Out Investigations
  • Analyze and Interpret Data
  • Use Mathematics and Computational Thinking
  • Construct Explanations and Design Solutions
  • Engage in Argument from Evidence
  • Obtain, Evaluate, and Communicate Information


Cosmic Rays
Study cosmic rays with data from classrooom cosmic ray detectors.
  CMS e-Lab
Study CMS Data using the CMS e-Lab from I2U2.
Study seismic activity with data from LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory).

Other Data-based Investigations

Top Quark
Calculate the Top Quark mass with data from D0 - an example of conservation of momentum.
  Sky Server
Study data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) with the Skyserver.
  Prairie Research
Answer Prairie Research Questions using SIMPly Prairie and Student Data.