Crack the Quadrat* Code!

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* What is a Quadrat? It's a one-meter square plot. Plants in the quadrat are identified and counted.

Fermilab quadrat specialists can!

Become a prairie quadrat specialist and do real science at Fermilab!

In the Fermilab Prairie Plant Survey you will learn how to identify prairie plants, map a prairie plot and track restoration progress along with our experts. Use our Website to contribute data you collect. Come once or come back two or three times to see how the prairie changes. Keep an eye on this prairie for years to come!

Be ready to hike and explore parts of our prairie that are not normally open to the public. There is no charge for this program; we value your contribution to prairie science!

Join Fermilab as we return our prairie to the time before pioneers. Check out the Quadrat data collected by volunteers over the years

For more information and registration contact: Maureen Hix at 630-840-5058 or or register online. If you want to make multiple visits to the prairie, sign up for multiple sessions and select the multiple-visit option for each.