Particles and Prairies Video

Funding for this program was provided in part by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Research, Illinois State Board of Education's Science Literacy Program and Friends of Fermilab.

Elizabeth Quigg
Fred Ullrich

Elizabeth Quigg

Video Editors:
Jim Shultz
Fred Ullrich

Reidar Hahn
Jim Shultz
Fred Ullrich

Script Editor:
Jim Chimbidis

Sarju Bharucha
Patrick Chizeck
Krista Ferguson
Carrie Guipe
Sean Reilly

Video Impressions
Elizabeth Quigg
Jim Shultz

Original Artwork:
Angela M. Gonzales
Denise Poncher Greene
Division of Natural Heritage, Illinois Dept. of Conservation
Illinois Central Railroad
Ned M. Sedler, (C) National Geographic Society
Schingoethe Center for Native American Cultures, Aurora University

Domain Communications

Gene Brehm, Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
John Buehner, Department of Conservation
Fermilab Visual Media Services
Information Services, Office of Agricultural Communications, University of Illinois
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Prairie locations and information: Illinois Department of Conservation Natural Areas Inventory
Glacial boundaries: Illinois Natural History Survey
Map Design : Katherine Hunter, Center for Biogeographic Information, Illinois Natural History Survey (using Illinois Geographic Information System).
Presettlement Illinois Prairie: Roger Anderson, Illinois State University

Mitchell C. Adamus, Fermilab
Tom Anton, Chicago Herpetological Society
John Banaszak, Westfield Hills Middle School
Ellin Beltz, Chicago Herpetological Society
Rick Billings, Glenbard West High School)
Ray Brand, Wheaton College and The Morton Arboretum
Victoria Byre, Norman, Oklahoma
Reidar Hahn, Visual Media Services, Fermilab
Jerry Hennen, Geneva, Illinois
Mary Hennen, Chicago Academy of Sciences
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Finley Markley, Fermilab
Ken Mierzwa, Chicago Herpetological Society
Prof. Ron Panzer, Northeastern Illinois University
Elizabeth Quigg, Fermilab
James P. Rowan, Chicago
Tom Warkins, Natural Landscapes
Prof. Robert Wolff, Trinity Christian College

Chicago Academy of Sciences
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Photographers: L. Page Brown, B. D. Cottrille, Cristopher Crowley, Bill Dyer, Lang Elliott, G. R. Gause, Mike Hopiak, W. A. Paff. O. S. Pettingill, Mary Tremaine, Fred K. Truslow (Thanks to Kent Truslow), James Weaver
Fermilab Archives, History of Accelerators Project
Fermilab Photography
Fermilab Public Information
Illinois Department of Transportation
The Morton Arboretum
Photographers: D. Baston, Ken Dritz, C.E. Godshalk, Gary Irving, John Kohout, Kitty Kohout, Jim Nachel, W. Stickney

Thanks to:
Dr. Robert Betz, Northeastern Illinois University
DuPage County Historical Museum
Craig Johnson and Jim Nachel, The Morton Arboretum
Jerome M. Johnson, Garfield Farm Museum
Eric C. Grimm, Illinois State Museum, for pollen isopoll maps
Julie D. Jastrow, Argonne National Laboratory
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Thomas Warkins, Natural Landscapes
Robert J. Wolff, Trinity Christian College

Particles and Prairies Committee:
John Banaszak, Westview Hills Middle School, Clarendon Hills
Rick Billings, Glenbard West High School
Patricia Franzen, Madison Junior High School, Naperville
Kathleen Greenawalt, Morton East High School, Cicero
Fermilab Staff:
Mitchell C. Adamus
Rudolph F. Dorner
Education Office: Marjorie G. Bardeen, Robin D. Dombeck
Judy Jackson
Peter Kasper
Adrienne Kolb
Finley W. Markley
Terry Sager
Rod L. Walton

Fermilab Prairie Restoration Committee
Public Information Office
Roads and Grounds Crew