Getting Shockwave

Model Percentages

Root Systems

Blooming Times

Visualization Tools

The visulaization tools require the Shockwave Plug-in.

Click on the Get Shockwave button below to get it if you don't have it.

Follow the instructions for installing on the Shockwave download page. For example for the Macintosh, once you've downloaded Shockwave, you need to quit your browser and double-click the Shockwave Installer.

We have found in the past that people with PCs need to re-boot their machines after installing Shockwave in order to get Shockwave to work for the first time.

You can test if your Shockwave is working by going to the Shockwave test site . If yours is not working, check out these more detailed Shockwave installation instructions.

If you have a MAC, you can also try quitting Netscape and increasing the allowed memory. To do this, click once on the Netscape program icon, then from the FILE menu, select Get Info and increase the minimum and preferred memory settings.

Now you should be ready to use the tools!