Leon M. Lederman Science Education Center

Nest Construction Permit
Tenant: American Robin

NEST TYPE Deep cup nest incubator
BUILDING SITE Shrub, tree fork, horizontal branch; or any structure offering adequate support (e.g., a ledge above your front door)
HABITAT Cities, towns, farmlands, shaded and open woods.
OWNER Mr. and Mrs. Turdus migratorius (AMERICAN ROBIN)
ARCHITECT/BUILDER Mrs. American Robin (Mr. Robin may help provide material, but his main duties are to feed the mother and stand guard while she is working). 
HEIGHT 3 inches
DEPTH 2.5 inches
MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION  Untidy foundation of twigs and grass; cup part uses wet mud interlaced with grass and weed stalks and any other long flexible materials that are onsite and available (as approved by the architect, Mrs. Robin)
HEATING SYSTEM Body heat from brood spot on the underside of female's body (patch of skin plucked bare that covers a rich supply of bloodvessels, which supplies heat to the eggs).
INSULATION (may also conceal eggs from predators, shed water, deter pests, and cushion)  Dried grasses
ESTIMATED ENERGY INPUT FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION (LABOR ONLY) The equivalent of 1/3 of an apple per robin per day. Main foods are invertebrates and fruit. It takes about 5 to 7 days to build a nest. 
OCCUPANCY Spring (weather dependent)
FREQUENCY OF USE 2, sometimes 3 broods per season