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From a modest, grass-roots organization at its inception in 1983, FFSE has grown to become a national leader in precollege science education. From the first Summer Institute for Science Teachers held in the very early years, programs sponsored by FFSE have increased in number, size and quality. Last year over 37,000 students, and 2,500 teachers participated in programs through the Education Office. Over the years participants have come from over 500 schools for programs like: Summer Secondary Science Institutes, Beauty and Charm, Particles and Prairies, Science Adventures and others to use the resources at the Lederman Science Center, Teacher Resource Center and the greater resources of Fermilab. Participants in FFSE programs come from an increasingly diverse demographics with onsite programs and with the use of technology. Programs continue to be developed through a partnership between FFSE and the Education Office at Fermilab.

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For more information contact Susan Dahl at 630-840-3094 or sdahl@fnal.gov.