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Fermilab Friends for Science Education supports innovative science education programs at Fermilab. Its mission is to:

¥       Enhance the quality of precollege science education in public and private schools.

¥       Encourage young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.

¥       Promote a broader public awareness and understanding of science.


Membership has its privileges . . . .

FFSE MEMBERSHIP EVENT – In Search of the Elusive Neutrino

Join us in a rare opportunity to tour MINOS! – Saturday, December 5, 2015, 9:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Although very abundant, the neutrino is a mysterious particle. Learn about FermilabÕs role as host to world-leading neutrino experiments. A Fermilab neutrino physicist will share some background on neutrinos and several experiments designed to study these elusive particles.


As a member of FFSE, you are invited to journey into Fermilab underground areas to see the experimental areas firsthand. Share your enthusiasm with family and a few friends. Send your name, e-mail address, cell phone number, and number attending to sdahl@fnal.gov no later than November 30. We hope you can make it. Bring a friend or two. Participants for this program must be 18 years of age and older. Attendance is free but limited.


Join or renew your FFSE membership and receive a special gift at the member tour.


What is MINOS? 

MINOS (Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search) is an experiment at Fermilab designed to study the phenomena known as neutrino oscillations. The experiment uses a beam of neutrino particles produced by the NuMI  (Neutrinos at the Main Injector) beamline facility. The beam of neutrinos is sent through the two MINOS detectors, one at Fermilab and one in the Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota. Come and learn more about future neutrino experiments.


FFSE Scholarship Programs


The online application site will open mid-November for the following scholarship opportunities:

¥       Teacher Workshops

¥       Field Trip Bus Reimbursement

¥       Family Science Adventures


Tell your colleagues and friends about these opportunities to experience the wonders of Fermilab with the support of FFSE! Deadline for scholarship requests is March 7, 2016.


FFSE Appreciates Its Volunteers

The many successes of FermilabÕs K-12 education programs, run by the Education Office, depend on the talents of over 200 Fermilab volunteer staff, such as scientists and engineers, who help out each year. The DirectorÕs Award for Exceptional Volunteer Service to FermilabÕs K-12 Educational Programs recognizes these volunteers at an annual reception. FFSE sponsors a $1,000 award to a Fermilab person and recognizes those who are nominated as well as all who volunteer. Nominations are now open until November 6. Who will be our recipient for 2015? Stay tuned . . .


FFSE Member Feature – Mary Jo Murphy!

Mary Jo Murphy is a quintessential Fermilab presence, avid FFSE member and education supporter. A docent of infinite value, Mary Jo can tell you about the workings of nearly every major project at Fermilab— and then some . . . From the Fermilab restored prairie to the Linac to MINOS, Mary Jo has it nailed. Learn about this fascinating woman who delights in sharing the Fermilab story—the whole story . . .



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The Fermilab Education office continues to provide excellent programs and opportunities for students, teachers and the community at large. Visit the Education Office website at http://ed.fnal.gov. Check out Quick Links to Programs and Teacher Workshops. Use the Educators tab or follow the links to options.


Holiday Sale at Fermilab December 8–9, 2015, Fermilab Wilson Hall Cafeteria

Purchase stocking stuffers such as Fermilab-logo items such as glassware or attire, science toys and more. Join or renew your FFSE membership and receive a special gift at the member tour or at the FFSE table during the Education Office Holiday Sale. Gift cards for gift memberships will also be available. 


Classroom Presentations


Did you know that Fermilab volunteers offer presentations to enhance classroom curriculum? If your school is within reasonable driving distance of the lab, Fermilab scientists, engineers and technicians bring presentations on physical science topics to your students. Presentations are geared toward students in grades 2 through 12 and are free of charge to classrooms. Teachers may select a topic related to the curriculum, a few optional days, and amazing science can be brought to your classroom.


Educators may choose from these options:

á       Charge! Electricity and Magnetism, Grades 38

á       Cryogenics Show, Mr. Freeze of Fermilab, Grades 28

á       Forces and Motion, Grades K12

á       Light and Color, Grades 18

á       Physics in the Real World, Grades 412

á       Physics of Sports, Grades 412

á       Space, Time and the Universe, Grades 512


Your support of FFSE helps to maintain the FFSE van that brings scientist presenters and materials right to your school doorstep.


Fall Science Adventures


Who would not want to explore a Code Cracking class or What Makes You So Special on DNA? Even parents might want to explore Nanotech Investigations next spring, but these are classes just for children. Science Adventures are the ticket to exciting learning opportunities! These informal classes for children in grades

K8 continue on Saturday throughout the school year. See the home page link for Science Adventures for a listing of current classes or, e-mail us to be added to our listserv notification.



Check the Fermilab website regularly for breaking news and community events. Don't forget you can also sign up to receive the community newsletter. Visit https://www.fnal.gov/pub/science_next_door/




Did you know that . . .?

¥       In September the Lederman Science Education Center served over 2,695 students and visitors, 21 schools, families, scout troops as well as many individual visitors? Many of these experiences are enhanced by FFSE dollars.

¥       FFSE Board of Directors oversees the expenditures of the organization?

¥       The FFSE Annual Report is available online at /ffse/annual-reports/current-annual-report.pdf?

¥       The 15th floor of Wilson Hall has a scale model of the Fermilab campus?

¥       You can donate to FFSE online right NOW at /ffse/support-us/index.shtml?


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November 20, 2015 Physics SLAM - SOLD OUT! No wonder . . . Check out the contestants at https://www.fnal.gov/culture/NewArts/Lectures/15-16/PhysicsSlamIV.shtml.

See FFSE member, Brian Nord, 2013 Physics SLAM winner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D94uuRKTOw#t=3051

December 5, 2015 FFSE Member Tour

December 8–9, 2015 – Holiday Sale at Fermilab, Wilson Hall Cafeteria

January 31, 2016  Open House

April 17, 2016 – Wonders of Science Show

April 20, 2016 – STEM Career Expo


REMEMBER: FFSE has a special gift for those who renew memberships at the member tour or at the Education Office Holiday Sale. Gift cards for gift memberships will also be available.