FFSE members receive a newsletter twice each year, in the fall and in the winter. Links to the current issue and past issues are available below.

Spring 2012
Volunteers Extraordinaire, Education Office staff attend ISEC, 2012 Events: Mark Your Calendar!, Save the Date: Our Third Members Only Tour, For Outstanding Science Students, Program Scholarships, Proxies Needed
Fall 2011
Coming Clean with Cosmic Rays, Responding to Lab-wide Changes, 2012 Events: Mark Your Calendar!, Board of Directors Changes, ??? A Question for You ???
Winter 2011
First FFSE "Members Only" Tour a Success, Our New Look, Upcoming Events, New Face at the LSC, For Outstanding High School Science Students, FFSE Board Seeks Members, Proxies Needed
Fall 2010
QuarkNet Interns Enjoy a Summer of Science, FFSE Helps Summer Institutes Reach New Territory, FFSE Members: Tour the Magnet Factory on December 11, Joint FFSE/ISTA Membership Opportunity a Success, Mmm! Board Members Host Summertime Snacks
Winter 2010
Why They Are Friends, Family Open House, Mark Your Calendar, Membership Category Changes, FermilabEd on Twitter, Online Store, Proxies Needed, Outstanding HS Science Student Award
Fall 2009
Fermilab at LabFest, 2009 Distinguished Educator Award, Points of Intersection: Physics First
Winter 2009
2009 Family Open House, 2009 Director's Volunteer Award, Past, Present and Future of Fermilab Friends for Science Education (Part 2)
Fall 2008
Global Warming Summit at Fermilab, Run with the Protons, Science Chicago LabFest 2008, Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards (Part 1), 2008 Distinguished Educator Award, Annual Appreciation Picnic, Bringing Science to Schools, Join ISTA through FFSE
Winter 2007
Prairie Program Updated, 2006 Teacher Awards, 2007 Symposium on the Nature of Science, Grant Supports Summer Institute Upgrade, Neutrinos at the LSC, Friends in Need: A Van for Classroom Visits
Fall 2007
BCS@50 in the Schools, Phriendly Physics with Benedictine University, New Summer Physics Institute Offered, 2007 Volunteer Picnic
Winter 2006
President's Message, Bringing the WYP to Classrooms, Late Show with Leon Lederman, World Year of Physics Symposium, Open House at Fermilab, Fifth Symposium on the Nature of Science to Target AP Students
Fall 2006
Goodbyes and Hellos, President's Message, Have Detectors, Will Travel, Symposium Podcast, Ask-a-Scientist, School Year Kick-Off, NEED COMPUTERS?
Fall 2005
A Prairie Schooner for the LSC, World Year of Physics Outreach Program, President's Message, Appleton Students Salute Fermilab, Workshop: "The Reading Connection", Summer Secondary Science Institutes, Funding Notes, Field Trips, New Face At The LSC