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This form is for people who would like to join or renew membership in Fermilab Friends for Science Education. If you would like to donate to FFSE, but not become a member, please go to the Donation Form. If you are a teacher and would like a joint membership in ISTA and FFSE, use the ISTA/FFSE Form.

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Additional Contribution to Scholarship Fund

I include an additional donation for the scholarship fund that provides scholarships to:

  • Schools to cover the cost of bus transportation to Fermilab for field trips (average cost $100).
  • Teachers to cover costs of workshops (average cost $200).
  • Families to cover cost of science adventures (average cost $50).
Donation Level

Tree of Knowledge

In addition to your membership, you may want to consider buying a leaf of the Tree of Knowledge. The Tree of Knowledge is an unusual opportunity to perpetuate your name or a name designated by you, or as a memorial to a special event, honor or personal or family happening. The name or event will be engraved on one of the tree's leaves with your gift of $1,000. At the same time, your important contribution will help sustain the Lederman Science Center and its programs. Please provide the inscription you want on the plaque.

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