Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects


Monster Descriptions

Following is an example of the monster description prepared by a student. The first drawing belongs to Carla, a 4th grade bilingual student. The other drawings belong to students from various participating schools; these were received either via e-mail or snail mail.

By Carla

My monster is ugly. His head is big and round. He has three eyes. His eyes are blue. His nose is broken and is in the shape of a Cross. His jaws are round and red like an apple. His mouth is big, with two big teeth. His ears are like a rabbit's with little squares inside of different colors. His hair is long; so long it reaches his feet. He has four hands with long nails and spots. His feet are like a duck's and are opened. He has wings of a bird and they are of different colors. He has a zebra tail. All of his body is going to have little spots of different colors. He is also wearing a tie with polkadots and a belt.

By Carla


By Noemí

By Javi


By Rebeca

By Rocío



By Eliana

By Yelema

Author: Guillermo E. Pedroni, L. D. Brady Elementary School. Aurora, IL
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Updated: July 15, 1997