Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects


Weather trackers

"Weather trackers" was created as a result of the "Small world project." A group of heterogeneous students were assigned with the responsibilities of finding in the World Wide Web information related to the weather in Aurora. To get accurate data students used the following URLs:

AltaVista Search: Main Page http://altavista.digital.com/
NWS Chicago: Heat Index/Wind Chill Charts http://taiga.geog.niu.edu/nwslot/hiwc.html
Interactive Weather Browser http://clunix.cl.msu.edu/weather/interactive.html?id=arr
INTELLICAST: Chicago Weather http://www.intellicast.com/weather/ord/
Weather for Aurora, IL http://www.weather.com/weather/us/cities/IL_Aurora.html
Interactive Weather Browser http://clunix.cl.msu.edu/weather/interactive.html?id=arr
The Weather Channel - Aurora, IL http://www.weather.com/weather/us/cities/IL_Aurora.html

Once there was enough data collected, students were in charge of doing charts and upgrading them on a monthly basis. Those charts were posted around the school, increasing the number of questions, but this time from students in another classrooms. This project provided enough data to understand charts temperature and weather conditions in our hometown. The contribution of this part was an innovative way to cover some material, emphasizing engaged learning with the help of the WWW.

Author: Guillermo E. Pedroni, L. D. Brady Elementary School. Aurora, IL
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Updated: July 15, 1997