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Build A Recreation Center Using Geometry


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The "Build a Recreation Center" project will be implemented toward the end of the school year when students have a full understanding of most geometric concepts.

Students will work in groups of three to five. Each group will choose which part of the project they find interesting with all categories (except possibly computer graphics) covered. Some topics may be chosen by more than one group. The overall project will take approximately four weeks. Students will be given three days of in-class time to research their topic utilizing the Internet and other library resources. At the end of the three days, students will then come up with questions to be e-mailed to an "expert." The teacher will find these e-mail resources at least three to four weeks before the project begins. Students will give the teacher their messages, and upon receipt of reply, the teacher will copy responses for respective student groups.

Students will be provided a timeline with due dates for various parts of the project to ensure progress is being made by the groups. Allowing for turnaround response from e-mail messages, final projects will be due at the end of the fourth week. Students will be responsible for meeting outside of class in order to complete project.

I have intentionally left this project very open-ended to see what students will do with the freedom. I will make changes after project implementation as needed.

Author: Gwen Neuberger, Community High School, District 94, West Chicago, Illinois
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Created: July, 1997