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As the landscape architecture team, it will be your team's responsibility to design the landscaping. Below are some sights to give you an idea what a landscape architect does and some sights about gardening and plants in general. Keep in mind that this is a recreation center for kids of all ages. Your team may want to consider designing a playground or some other outdoor recreation along with landscape designs. There are a lot of landscape architects out there who can help answer any questions you may have.

In your report, include a description of the responsibilities of a landscape architect. As for your design, make sure you and the architects work together to decide where placement of structures should be on the island (in particular, the building). Include plant names on your design (pictures would be helpful, but not required).

American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta - Virtual garden visits and resource center

Carole Boleman, Landscape Architect - Photographs of her work

Envirolink - The online environmental community

In Harmony - Environmentally friendly landscaping

Landscape Design for Water Conservation - How to

Landscape Design Forum - Discuss technical and aesthetic issues with professionals

Landscape Online - Park and recreation products

Principles of Landscape Design Notes from the University of Florida

Author: Gwen Neuberger, , District 94, West Chicago, Illinois
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